About Us

The primary role of Preface is locating and planning site-specific community revitalization projects. Our focus and passion are to formulate new ideas for space in urban settings. Often, this type of land is tough to find with myriad municipal considerations surrounding land use. Always, the process requires first-rate execution.

Preface comes from Latin, meaning “spoken before” (prae + fatia) or “made before” (prae + factum). We are laser-focused on designing new urban communities, and redeveloping / rebranding existing buildings – prior to others. We currently own, or have owned hotels, infill land, industrial buildings, apartment communities and retail projects. Our role is to initiate opportunity by utilizing our expertise to locate and plan progressive, environmentally positive and community friendly projects.

We are not proponents of sprawl. Sprawl reduces animal habitat, increases fossil fuel emissions and decreases human productivity.