Preface is grounded in the philosophy that living and working in urban environments is not only a trend, but a shift in human behavior. The interactions, amenities and conveniences garnered through city life create conditions whereby people reciprocate more frequently through the exchange of ideas, business and neighborly contact. This lends itself to the planning of new urban communities, in which residents and business owners prosper by their own design, strengthening the economic viability of the cities where they live.

Our expertise is to focus on existing locations that, in their current state, are under-utilized or no longer feasible as originally intended, thus providing limited benefit to the community. By investing in locations of this nature and redesigning them from the ground up, we revitalize these areas so they can be contemporary, viable and productive once again. This practice is referred to as urban infill or redevelopment, and there is no question the benefits are not only far-reaching, but clearly enriching to citizens, communities and cities.

The demand for new product continually generates the need for creative vision and, as such, our projects are varied. Each project is designed to be a tangible expression through visible form in the trend toward urban living.

We believe maintaining relationships with city staff, planning commissioners, council members, and residents is important to the success of our projects. Sellers have confidence in our team, track record and references. We study municipal code, development standards, land use law, community impacts, and meet with city staff and community stakeholders to determine the most appropriate product and design.